How to Use Conduct

You have new email campaigns ready for you to run that come complete with 4 outbound emails and a sign-up page to create a call to action.  It's easy to run a campaign!  Login with your email and password.  (Click the forgot password link if you don't remember it)

Click "Conduct" from your dashboard. 

If this is your first time using Conduct, we will ask for your contact information to brand your emails and sign up page.

Click ""Campaign Manager"

Find a campaign, hover over it to get more details and then click "View/Launch".  

Save the campaign as a "Draft" and Conduct will automatically add it to the "My Campaigns" tab. 

Add Your Contacts (Protected by ListLock)

Before you run a campaign, add the contacts to receive it in the Contact Manager.  It's easy to create an Excel or CSV file and upload it. 

*Your list is protected with ListLock™ so nobody can view or download it!

Launch Your Campaign

When your contacts are added, then it's time to review the campaign, schedule the emails, tag the contacts to receive it and launch!  Find your campaign, then click "View/Launch" and go to the Launchpad.  Open the sections to view your sign up page, schedule emails and assign contacts.  The system will let you know when the campaign is ready to go and the launch button will turn green!