Tips & Hints

Click the images below to get tips and hints about running email campaigns.  Learn more about how to use Conduct, strategies to build a lead list, how to be successful in creating the right emails, and how to run campaigns.

Conduct Campaign
Conduct™ is a new way for independent sellers to run email marketing campaigns to their customers and prospects. Campaigns are created for the seller or they can create new ones for themselves. Conduct™ generates invite and reminder emails, a sign up page and reports on the success of email delivery and signups. Conduct users add their customers or prospects to the Contact Manager and have their lists secured by ListLock™ .
Contact Manager
Explore how the Conduct™ Contact Manager keeps your contacts organized, creates lists for campaigns, and can work as your CRM if needed.
Come to this content catalog to learn more about how to successfully create and deliver emails for your Conduct™ campaign or event.
Events are virtual like webinars or live like a lunch and learn. Conduct™ creates an invitation, a sign up page, then a series of reminders to attend. Events are not yet a part of Conduct™ Beta, but check back soon.
Find strategies about how to develop lead lists, make sure the names and emails are accurate, and use them in Conduct™ campaigns and events.
Promotions are email marketing campaigns that have a special offer, a start and stop date, and ask the viewer to "sign up" to get that offer.
Sign Up Page
Explore how to make your Conduct™ sign up page effective so that your audience will respond to your offer or sign up for your event.
Conduct is very easy to use, but sometimes we all need a little help. Take a look at our user guides and training. When you use Conduct, make sure to look at "The Conductor" links next to each routine. Help is available throughout the site.